Ningbo Ninghai promotes the upgrading of export stationery quality and safety demonstration zone the


Recently, it was learned from Ningbo Inspection and quarantine bureau that Ningbo Ninghai stationery quality and safety demonstration zone passed the on-site assessment and was rated as Zhejiang provincial stationery quality and safety demonstration zone, becoming the first stationery product demonstration zone in China. 35 enterprises including Deli, Yunfeng, Xingwei and Tianhong were included in the list of quality and safety demonstration enterprises.

In recent years, the construction of the export industrial product quality and safety demonstration zone is the key work actively carried out by AQSIQ in order to promote the quality power strategy and enhance the overall quality and safety level and core competitiveness of China's export stationery industrial products. Ninghai is known as the "China stationery industry base", with an industrial share of more than 10% in the domestic market, more than 500 stationery manufacturers and an annual stationery output value of more than 8 billion yuan. Ninghai inspection and Quarantine Bureau helped enterprises to actively prepare for the construction of the first export stationery quality and safety demonstration zone in China, and established the pattern of "government led, Department linkage, industry promotion, enterprise action" demonstration zone.

Ninghai County Party committee and county government set up a demonstration area construction group, with director Liang Mingming of Ninghai inspection and Quarantine Bureau as the deputy leader, and organized, coordinated and carried out the construction of the demonstration area together with other units. In May this year, the county Party committee issued the implementation plan for the establishment of export stationery quality and safety demonstration zone in Ninghai County, which brought stationery enterprises in the area under its jurisdiction into the standardized management, but also put forward many measures to support enterprises. It is reported that in terms of import and export policies and trade facilitation, Ninghai inspection and Quarantine Bureau will provide convenient customs clearance services for enterprises in the area: enterprises can enjoy green channel modes such as import and export inspection application and origin visa.

In order to achieve the construction goal of the demonstration area, all departments of Ninghai County and Ninghai inspection and Quarantine Bureau play a joint role and actively take a series of measures to improve the quality of export stationery. On the one hand, 100% of the enterprises in the area signed the letter of commitment on export quality, promising to fulfill the first person in charge; on the other hand, Ninghai inspection and Quarantine Bureau, county economic and Information Bureau and Market Supervision Bureau carried out joint spot check, and the qualified rate of the test results was 100%. Ninghai Bureau, together with Ninghai 8718 service platform and export enterprises, jointly set up a technical trade response team for stationery and toys, unblocked the response channels for technical barriers to trade of inspection enterprises, and helped Deli laboratory to pass the approval of China National Accreditation Service for conformity assessment (CNAs), striving to build a three-level vertical testing network of government public technical service platform, social third-party laboratory and enterprise laboratory.

With the further development of the demonstration area, Ninghai stationery industry has gradually promoted the enterprises entering the area to embark on the road of "technology" and "brand". The "same line, same standard and same quality" project initiated by Ninghai inspection and Quarantine Bureau has put forward higher requirements for product technology and helped enterprises realize the double increase of domestic sales and foreign trade. According to statistics, from January to November, the stationery industry of the whole county bucked the trend and rose. The output value of 44 Enterprises above designated size was 10.26 billion yuan, the sales was 9.99 billion yuan and the export was 2.1 billion yuan, up 24.7%, 25.2% and 1.1% respectively year on year, showing a good development trend.

As a benchmark enterprise in stationery demonstration zone, deli was awarded "China Quality Demonstration Enterprise" and "Deli" brand was awarded "top 100 brands in Ningbo in 2016", with a brand value of 10.17 billion yuan and more than 30 national and industrial standards led or participated by Deli.

Driven by the quality atmosphere of the whole stationery industry, the enterprises in the demonstration area take active actions to become the "pacesetter" of industrial transformation and upgrading. The stationery enterprises in the area are active in large, medium and small-scale exhibitions at home and abroad, such as Ningbo Stationery exhibition, Frankfurt (Shanghai) stationery exhibition, etc., expanding the market share of stationery in Ninghai at home and abroad. At the same time, some enterprises have set up their own R & D centers and design centers, such as Deli, Yunfeng, Xingwei, Tianhong, etc. Among them, Deli has established R & D centers in Shanghai, South Korea and Japan respectively, and has passed the acceptance of provincial engineering technology centers, and won the national enterprise technology center. "Deli" stationery, as the only official designated brand of office supplies in China, is dedicated to serving the G20 Hangzhou summit. In late September, 33 stationery enterprises in the demonstration area collectively appeared at the Shanghai Cultural Expo.

In Ninghai stationery industry, there are 4 well-known trademarks in China and 26 famous brands above the municipal level. The construction of export stationery quality and safety demonstration zone has laid an important foundation for Ninghai stationery enterprises to explore domestic and foreign markets, and also provided new ideas for the direction of the national stationery industry.